by To Kill A Coward

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Orphan, the debut single by To Kill A Coward off of the upcoming concept EP.


Where am I, who am I,
Emerging from the shadows that be clouding thee,
Awaken from eternal slumber,
Dare thou speak my name,
Thrown away, disposed of, de throned,
I have no sense of shame,
Follow me, begin this nightmare,
I'll tear my reflection from your eyes.

Into the night away from gods light,
Set me free for I am the vanquisher,
Becoming one with the sinful hatred,
I am the reaper you be the vessel,
Invoke the punisher.

Tying me down, injecting me with your venom,
Will it stop the premonitions of damnation,
Drag me to the fucking sunlight,
Tear the flesh from this cage of insanity.

Unleash thy vanquisher, watch the gremlins oozing from my head.

Soak the gremlins, discharge my inner insanity,
Hypnotised by my failing sense of morality,
Rotting to a corpse, known for my infamy,
Bewitched send me under,
Fabled whispers spilling from your throat,
The blood escapes from my veins and it leaves nothing left.

Unleash thy vanquisher, watch the gremlins oozing from my head,
Unleash thy vanquisher, watch the gremlins oozing from my head.

I smell the fear dripping off of you,
Fallen angels forced to their knees,
Crying out for help as I loose my mind,
Inflicting the womb.

I'll tear out your tongue and write the lies that spilt off of it


released August 23, 2016
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Roman Koester at Complex Studios



all rights reserved


To Kill A Coward Melbourne, Australia

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